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Sunday, June 25, 2023

My graeful thanks to Nadir Godrej for writing the foreword to my book HCM 4.0 - business centric human capital strategy for Industry 4.0



By Nadir Godrej


Now people enable companies to grow

And as the economy advances, we know

Especially for industry 4.0,

For benefits to steadily flow

The role of people is even more.


Our strategies must change and that’s for sure!

Human Capital must be provided

It has to be built and properly guided.


Good strategies can be undermined

If all the people aren’t aligned.

Piecemeal ideas have been suggested

And although they are tried and tested

HR professionals can surely try

But often they are hard to apply.

But this approach is very new.


As Wilfred takes a holistic view.

It’s important that you take a look

At this very timely book.

Step by step he shows the way

To systematically play.


The environment should be thoroughly scanned

The strategy then, can be well planned

And after an assessment of the organisation

We can have a synchronisation

Of both business and human strategy

To ensure there’s perfect synergy.


When both strategies work hand in hand

It’s very easy to understand

That employees know what they need

To do, in order to succeed.

This book ranges far and wide

It serves as a complete guide.



Everything can be quantified,

Many examples are supplied.

In any business it can be applied

The performance criteria are very clear

Finally HCM 4.0  can cheer.



There is a clear ultimate goal

And HCM 4.0  knows it’s precise role.

This book can perfectly show

What any business needs to know

In order to succeed and grow;

Our thanks to Wilfred Monteiro.



Nadir Godrej