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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

STRATEGIC SELLING: my master key to step up sales for institutional selling

 Keeping the fundamentals of STRATEGIC SELLING PLAN  implementation in focus will help turn your account plan into results much faster.

 We asked 225 seminar participants (from companies that engage in formal strategic account management) how much more revenue they believed they should be generating with their strategic accounts:

·         6 in 10 respondents believed they should be generating 25% or more

·         3 in 10 respondents believed they should be generating 50% or more

To do better in this year we the questions we must all ask ourselves, then, are:

  • Are there significant growth opportunities in our strategic accounts?
  • What will it take to capture these opportunities?
  • Are we willing to do what really needs to be done to turn these opportunities into results?

How can your organization sell more and sell smarter in year-on-year  when we have to factor market demand stagnancy and inspite of it hope to achieve higher sales turnover? The Answer is :By creating a powerful STRATEGIC SELLING PLAN - an environment that inspires and engages everyone in the organization to become part of the virtual sales team and support the business development efforts.




It's the concept that everyone in an organization is in sales - including CEOs, accountants, lawyers, administrative assistants, as well as sales team members. Organizations with a sales culture are full of selling professionals - people who embrace the concept that they have a role in sales, whether they are directly or indirectly involved with the actual transaction.

Companies with a sales culture have discovered that by mobilizing and harnessing the power of the entire organization they can effectively boost overall revenues, profitability, and growth. eight questions that most companies need to answer in order to develop a reliable, scalable and repeatable sales process.

Is your process Customer-Centric (as opposed to company-centric)? 
2. Do you have a process that is scalable, optimized and efficient? 
3. Do you have and use clear metrics and tools to see what is working, and what is not? 
4. Do you have and do you demonstrate a precise understanding of what actions you can take to grow sales? 
5. Have you identified bottlenecks and do you know show you how to resolve them? 
6. What are you doing to decrease the cost of customer acquisition? 
7. Is Marketing is correctly aligned with Sales, and directly helping to close business? 
8. Are you using the best techniques to increase, measure and manage lead generation and flow?

To achieve speed and momentum for your Key Account Sales Team, there are multiple requirements (data, resource commitments, activities) that, if coordinated, can help improve the odds of success for the short- and long-term relationship. The fundamentals of Key Account Plan implementation outlined below can help the Key Account Sales Team shorten the sales cycle.


Basic business intelligence about your customer is a start. Maintaining a base of knowledge will ensure a clear and consistent understanding of your customer's enterprise, markets, objectives, management team, competition, industry dynamics, financial results, and future plans. Customer records are an organization asset and should be updated when significant changes take place. Have your Key Account Sales Team review and update them at least twice a year.


Solid analysis of this intelligence will allow your Key Account Sales Team to leverage their customer's most important business drivers into their sales strategy. Understanding their customer's financial condition, competitive differentiators, product positioning, and THEIR customers will allow your Key Account Sales Team to better position your company's product or service. Beware of "analysis paralysis." Focus most of your analysis time on how your solution will provide value to the customer based on their internal metrics.


The quickest, most effective path to validate a customer need is by talking to the most important individuals in the decision process. By verifying that your company's solution is aligned to your customer's business issues, it becomes clearer who should hear what message from your team.


It is important to formulate a clear consistent message and ensure that everyone on the Key Account Sales Team knows who is responsible for delivering it. The message must be crisp, customer-focused, and value-based. Effectiveness in this area sets the stage for progress.


In the process of developing their strategic sales plans, your Key Account Sales Team must establish extraordinary goals and objectives for account strategies and opportunities. More than just "thinking outside of the box," your team should develop solutions that bring the highest possible value to their customers. Successful Key Account Sales Teams challenge assumptions. They look at what might be possible if the plan is flawlessly executed.


Your Key Account Sales Team's primary focus must be on establishing organizational relationships that will most enhance the value and quality of your customer's offering. Value that comes from your company to, through, and with the customer to their ultimate customer is powerful. The relationship is less vulnerable to organizational changes and shifts when strong business-to-business links are in place.


The solutions your Key Account Sales Team offers to your customer should be re-written to differentiate your company's value. Clearly state what unique ability your company has that will allow the customer to achieve a specific need, with metrics validated by your customer. Your company will be viewed as an enabler of your customer's business drivers rather than just a supplier. Look for quick demonstrations of your solutions' success.


Your Key Account Sales Team needs the customer on the "same side." Being on the same side means the customer acts differently, including:

Providing validation that they believe your company understands their business needs

Acknowledging a willingness to further investigate your company's ideas

Committing customer resources to implementation

Providing support for your company's plans and recommendations throughout their organization

Agreeing to reference your company to others


Your Key Account Sales Team must become part of your customer's portfolio of resources. They need to convey the feeling that your customer will be more successful by working with them. Your team must frame their capabilities in the context of your customer's business.


Complex Key Account Sales Teams who work with multiple products or business lines must collaborate to ensure that consistent messages are sent. Frequently, mixed messages from the same company cause internal competition and customer confusion. Your Key Account Sales Team must take the initial step to open the conversations and provide an environment of trust for your customer. This will pull your team into the opportunity much faster.


Developing winning sales strategies and account plans involves all sales and service personnel who will have direct contact with your customer. All members of your extended sales team need to be committed to action items, consistent value messaging, and clear customer communication. This extended team must have a can-do attitude that they can maximize the customer's objectives.


Everyone involved with the Key Account Sales Team should have access to regular clear communications, from the documentation of initial plans to status reports of progress (or setbacks) against projected milestones. Concise, clear, and easily updated communications minimize potential delays or missed objectives. As the relationship with your customer progresses, including your customer in the internal communication process will foster trust and collaboration. Team communications is the catalyst to keep momentum.

Keeping the fundamentals of STRATEGIC SELLING PLAN  implementation in focus will help turn your account plan into results much faster. Keep it simple. Work on each area and make sure clear goals, assignments, due dates, and commitments are met and communicated to your team and your customer. The net result is higher value for both your company and your customer.


Best of luck

Dr Wilfred Monteiro


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