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Sunday, May 7, 2023

ZEN MIND # the quality of your life is based on the quality of your thoughts

 the zen mind: taming a wave upon the sands

There is a barrage of advice by gurus of all genre to live in the moment. But you often wonder if it is possible to erase the past. Some kind of magic pill to have “ selective amnesia”  where you remember what you want and what you; and  like the good old school blackboard erase the unnecessary to begin on a blank surface.


The  samurai warriors were trained by their Zen masters in the infinitesimal  awareness of the present moment. If we develop this razor sharp awareness of the mind and all it pranks; then we can separate the useful from the not-so-useful and the good from the bad.


This brings us to a four square quadrant. 

The first  quadrant would be  useless and bad like memories of a boss in your previous job or a malicious put-down by a toxic character your will never meet again. The obvious answer would be to banish these and relegate them to the garbage bin… easier said then done. These are the “spam demons” which intrude in you mind and haunt you for years. Often their recall is triggered by innocuous happening or even prompt words which evoke the horror memories. We find ourselves in pensive moments opening this “albums” of old memories and even relishing in  chewing the cud.  Your main thrust to peace of mind is putting thes on a tight leash

The second quadrant would be the good memories which are useless e.g. people discussing with passion a football match the watched a month ago; memories of a vacation which you have at a Shangri-la-like resort and you would want to have again or a bachelors binge drinking party which you really should not repeat unless you want to be chained to an addiction.

The third quadrant would be  the useful and the bad memories  – e.g. recollections  of the past which may spoil your mood but are important lessons to keep if you do not wish to repeat the mistakes a second time.

And finally, the golden zone the areas of good and profitable memories of the past which would be praise you received from a boss which is morale booster; lessons to repeat and reinforce you success streak; or the memory of a past project you completed and now can boost you confidence.

Freedom from the past is a myth. You can only manage your mind . Its like taming a wave upon the sands of time. The mind is like the river of time – as events unfold the mind has it own flow. Accept past memories as the river of consciousness. But don’t forget the present it is very soon going to be the past. 


the quality of your life is based on the

 quality of your thoughts


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